Dian Lee

Dian Lee

Conceptualist & Founding Partner
Managing Director

Dian Lee has been involved in property development for the most part of her life as she hails from one of the more distinguished property development families in Malaysia. Even while pursuing her degree in Communication and Marketing in RMIT Melbourne, Dian was already overseeing her family property investments in New South Wales and Queensland as an Executive Director of Country Heights Australia Pte Ltd. Prior to founding Clearwater, Dian was the Special Assistant to the Managing Director of the Country Heights Group of companies, which is listed on the Main Board of Malaysia stock exchange and has handled a portfolio of property and hotel management projects.

The founding of the Clearwater Group was a natural progression in Dian's career path. Together with a few like-minded partners, Clearwater was founded to build boutique luxury homes that meld traditional property development with the modern needs of the urbanite.

Dian is the main driving force behind all of the Group's property concepts and oversees all design related aspects of each product. She strongly believes that "with building homes" and attention to detail is a necessary requisite towards achieving this objective.
Dian's twin passions of health and the environment provide the group with a unique outlook and an inspirational model in how to nurture the Clearwater Group through good and bad times.

Dian was awarded Malaysia's Most Promising Young Woman of the year in 2007 by Malaysia Tatler, was also Malaysia's Top 40 Under 40 in 2006 and 2010.

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