Our Story


Clearwater Group is a boutique lifestyle company formed by Datuk Jared Lim and Datin Dian Lee who conceived the idea of developing various spaces that complemented their well-travelled lifestyles. Disillusioned with many of the large scale and corporate projects where detailing was often sacrificed for more commercial objectives; the founders wanted to develop projects which were more artisanal and boutique and with a larger emphasis on the consumer experience.

Inspired by a quote “Shrug off the restraints that you have allowed others to put upon you” – Clearwater. Not only was the group named after the author but the philosophy has always been to pursue a different path with a “build it and they will come” mindset.

Fast forward a decade later, Clearwater Group has curated an entire portfolio of lifestyle brands; ranging from casual hangouts, luxurious abodes, Michelin-starred chefs, award-winning restaurants, Japanese namesakes, wellness centres and detox retreats.


The Clearwater Group brings the world to you.


Clearwater Property

Bespoke Boutique Living.

Clearwater Xperience

Lifestyle Curated.