The Design Philosophy

The architectural style that best depicts the soul of Clearwater Residence is “poetic modernism”.Poetic modernism depicts the dislocation of the authorial presence which is achieved through the juxtaposition of apparently unconnected materials and combinations of them thus creating a building that is modern and elegant, projecting an image of a fresh and contemporary city abode.


Clearwater Residence enthralls the mind, body and soul into a sphere of modern serenity. The entire experience of arriving home is heightened by the adept precedence of texture, form, light and space.

The natural features coupled with lush green landscapes takes you into a private realm where the comforts of two worlds seduces each other.


The Rule of 150: Social anthropologist have theorized that the figure of 150 seems to represent the maximum number of individuals with whom we can have a genuinely social relationship. Apparently this magic number 150 keeps appearing throughout history, such as tribes, in military organizations and religious groups.

By keeping the number of people below 150, the nature of the community changes overnight and people become a lot warmer and close knitted.


Asia Pacific Property Awards in Association with Bloomberg Television

Highly Commended Residential
High-Rise Development, Malaysia (2011)

Highly Commended Apartment,
Malaysia (2011)