Building Dreams

Clearwater Group is a boutique developer formed by a group of friends from architectural, design, property development, financial and hotelier background who conceived the idea of developing a small enclave of apartments for their personal habitat. Disillusioned with many of the large scale and corporate projects where detailing was often sacrificed for more practical objectives of a development, the founders wanted to develop a project which they, together with their families and friends would want to live in.

Clearwater's mantra is adopted from a quotation "Shrug off the constraints you have allowed others to place upon you". The company was formed with the objective of developing projects that they would be proud of thus requiring the culture of "thinking out of the box" as well as a focus on detailing and quality.

Since it's inception in 2004, the Clearwater Group has expanded its projects throughout Malaysia. The Group currently has three brands under its belt namely Clearwater Residence, Bluconstellation and the upcoming mid-rise project known as Dream City.