Brand: Babe

Category: Japas (Japanese Tapas)

Brand Promise: A unique dining experience




BABE is an amalgamation of Michelin-starred Chef Jeff Ramsey’s artful finesse for progressive modernist cuisine and the Clearwater Xperience’s signature boutique sophistication.

Serving up Japanese-accented tapas, or “Japas” as Ramsey has coined; BABE is focused on a unique ‘fun dining’ experience as opposed to the structured world of ‘fine dining’.

The approach to food is unique—honour the integrity of fresh produce and seasonal discoveries, and present them in a way that satiates the appetite with a lasting impression.


Business Hours

Dinner: 6:00pm – 11:30pm

6:00pm, 7:00pm, 8:00pm and 9:00pm
Closed on Mondays


Deck seats 40 pax or 50 pax standing
Indoor seats 40 pax or 50 pax standing
Entire Outlet seats 80 pax or 120 standing


11th Floor, Work@Clearwater, Changkat Semantan, Bukit Damansara, 50490 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

T: +603 2095 8599




Chef Jeff Ramsey’s menu at Babe is anything but child’s play


Asking chefs about their first seminal food experience often involves them recounting travel stories or family lore, but for Chef Jeff Ramsey, the first stirrings of culinary awakening happened at boarding school.


‘I went to a military boarding school at that too’, laughs Ramsey. ‘So, you can imagine the slop that was served!’


It was exactly this deprivation of taste, that got the young student and his Korean roommate talking about the types of familiar foods that they missed. As the conversations progressed over the weeks and years, the teenage Ramsey soon realised that perhaps it was more than a longing for the taste of home, that was driving him towards a gastronomic goal.


Born in Japan, the son of an American Air Force soldier and a Japanese Hiroshima Bomb Survivor, Jeff Ramsey grew up fascinated by the F&B business that his grandparents and mother were involved in. Although he regularly helped out in the restaurant during the school holidays, a career in the industry was never on the cards. But then came boarding school and the rumination over the merits of food from his childhood, and slowly, something changed within.


Having eschewed cooking school for that of hard-knocks, Ramsey began his culinary training in 1996 at Tako Grill in Bethesda, Maryland working from Dishwasher up to a full-fledged sushi chef over a long span of 8 years, including training in Japan with Masayoshi Kazato, the official Sushi Ambassador of Japan.


“I truly believe that everyone has their own culinary career to carve out,” says Ramsey. “Culinary school may not be for everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you are at an advantage or disadvantage in any way,” he muses. “It just depends where you want to go.”


In Ramsey’s case, his journey led him to study under Chef Jose Andres, protégé of the legendary Catalonian chef Ferran Adria of El Bulli. From there he was picked up by Japanese “Super-chef” Hide Yamamoto to open the 6-star Mandarin Oriental Tokyo hotel. There, he explored his own style of modernist cooking, earning and retaining a Michelin Star-rating until his departure, making him the first, and still only American chef outside of the United States, to help his establishment earn a Michelin Star.


Now at a helm of his own in Babe, which is strategically located in the affluent Kuala Lumpur suburb of Damansara Heights, Ramsey serves up whimsical cuisine, in what is the first restaurant of its kind, in Malaysia.

Jeff Ramsey - Babe

Babe Jeff Ramsey


“We’re all about fun dining, rather than fine dining,” explains Ramsey. “Our food is unique and surprising to everyone; even if you may be familiar with the ingredients, we will surprise you with the sense in which we put things together” he says.


The ‘Japas Dining’ menu at Babe reflects Chef Ramsey’s refined repertoire in Japanese cuisine, as well as his stint in Spain studying innovative, modern techniques. Familiar flavours are handled with utmost care, coaxing a myriad of nuances to delight the senses.


There is also a deep-seated sense of respect for portions at Babe, in accordance with the Japanese eating philosophy of ‘hara hachi bun’ which roughly means ‘eat until you are eight parts (out of ten) full’. Ramsey elaborates that this age-old dining aesthetic is what helps customers develop an appreciation for what is served to them on the plate.

“I believe in the concept of small bites, but I certainly don’t believe in being predictable. So, while at other restaurants there’s a standard progression from cold and light flavours ending in a hot and heavy finish, at Babe, our menu jumps backs and forth between textures and temperatures. We keep things fresh and flowing, and it is this roller coaster experience that is more exciting for our customers”, says Ramsey.


Like a proud parent, Ramsey has watched Babe gain a strong foothold in Kuala Lumpur’s vibrant dining scene over the last eighteen months and is anxiously looking forward to the next milestone.


“We’re going to ensure, that we keep bringing innovative ideas to our customers, and push their experiential horizons further, than they ever thought possible. At Babe, we want you to expect the unexpected!”